5 Aug 2012

04 - "Taking The Test"

I’m taking the test, there’s one hour left
Some I know, some I guess

Think hard now for the answer
I think I read that in Chapter 3
Or was it 13? Or was it just a dream?

And in my hours of study, my head is about explode
And lately I’ve been feeling like my head is stuck in a hole

I hope the professor won’t think lesser of me
When I should have been studying
I was watching TV and smoking weed

And figuring these problems in my head
Makes me want to go to bed
But looking at the clock running
Gives a rush of blood to my head

I’m taking the test, I’m doing my best
But I’ve been lacking, slacking, that I must confess
But if I am blessed, I’ll beat the rest
And maybe I will get myself an A
And once I have passed, I’ll be done at last
And then maybe I can smoke myself a J