18 Aug 2012

05 - "Trucker"

Sung by Bailey Rayne

i’m just a person living on the road
taking my time, taking it slow
alone on the highway, just me and my haul
dreaming of places away from it all

feel free to wave hi as you’re passing me by
maybe i’ll honk my horn if the moment is right

they call me the trucker, that’s the name that I’ve earned
i ain’t got no lover, awaiting my return
i guess i’m just like a feather just blowin’ in the wind
tryin’ to get to the place i’ve been travelin’


sometimes it’s the night when it feels like the day’s just begun
sometimes I think of all the roads that I’ve driven on
i’ve seen the mountains, i've been to the north
crossed over kansas, on my way to new york
i do believe there are things that you and i will never see, never be, never be