17 Aug 2012

01 - "Hand in Hand"

Sung by Jason Zucker

all damn day i sit and bum around doing nothing
i think hey why don't i call you up, see what you're doing today
you say hello i'm just walking around doing nothing but thinking
why don't you come my way so your thinking can become talking to me

you say okay and that you are on your way
i better get, i better get ready to play with you today

you buzz up to my apartment and i let you in
and with a great big hug and your french pug you say what a wonderful day today
so we get on our bikes and we ride around taking pictures together
now this day won't ever go away and that's okay with me


the sun's going down, there's people all around
the streets are getting loud, won't you listen to the sound
as the people play, as the people dance and sing together
hand in hand