13 Aug 2012

04 - "That's Life"

In her bed alone she is left with only the thoughts inside her head
She thinks, "Oh, if I had only said the right things, I'd be with him."
She can't see that he never loved her like she loved him
I guess she never really will

What she is is what she'll always be
He only wishes that she knew what she'll never see
That somewhere there's something for her that he's missing
But that's life
That's how it'll be
That's life
As she slowly drifts off alone to sleep
He is only with her within her dreams

Leaves fall from trees as she slowly packs her bags to leave
Making sense of life she throws away his remains
Tears fall from her face as she leaves her memories in places
To which she will never return again
She lost a friend
She lost a friend
That's life