17 Aug 2012

10 - "Everybody's Leaving"

Everybody’s leaving and they’re shaken to the bone
Because everybody’s happier when everybody’s home
It’s that moment of closure to say what should have been said
To get off of your mind what’s been running through your head

If you go, I’d like to know
I won’t beg you to stay
But there are some things that I’d like to say

Next stop is a place that is far away from here
Where the life that you once lived is a reflection in a mirror
And you look at yourself and you see a different girl
The girl who was too afraid to go into the world


I’m sorry if I didn’t have a better sense of style
But did that change the feeling you would get as you would dial
My house on rainy nights when we didn’t want to leave
Or maybe it was my fault, maybe I’m naïve like you

So we say goodbye like there was nothing ever there
I hope that you find happiness. Won’t you please take care?
Words left unspoken, a door always left closed
Of everybody leaving, how come I’ll miss you the most?