17 Aug 2012

05 - "Meldon Blvd."

I like to hang on Meldon Blvd.
That’s where I like to play on my guitar

There’s Rudy barking at Les’s car as it drives by
I swear there’s something wrong in that dog’s mind
And when Les pulls into the circular driveway
Andrew J. just happens to pull away
He waves at Chelsea who smokes her cigarette outside
Then goes to the back with the butt to hide
She looks at Ryan who’s jumping on his trampoline
She’d like to join him but knows smoking ain’t his scene
Still she smiles and goes on her hazy way
It’s good to be alive, that’s what she’ll say
That’s just the way things go on Meldon Blvd.

Taking a leap off of the broken diving board
I saw Brian hit the sky as he soared
Splashes the water into Terri’s garden
Her petunia’s bloom is just now startin’
Her husband, Jerry, swings his Callaway three-wood
He could beat Tiger, I just know he could
And he hits a ball into Rodger’s front yard
Which shines green and has since the spring’s start
Thanks to a job well done by Reid across the street
Who does all of his landscaping for free
That’s just the way things go on Meldon Blvd.

Smiling faces and tied shoe laces, that’s just the way things go
Three-legged races to different places, that’s just the way things go
Someone told me a good joke for free, that’s just the way things go
On Meldon Blvd., that's just the way

And Debbie’s cooking fills me up