17 Aug 2012

04 - "Ringing Hearts"

I make my bed for you to lay your head
I clean my cups so you can drink from them
You sing a song for me to listen to
You dance, I watch your body glisten through and through

You and I were made to love
Sing and dance we will together
You can travel from sea to sea
But apart our hearts will never be

I say love is worth the fight
When I have you sleeping by my side
All day we're making love into the night
I'll rest happy with my eyes shut tight

How I love it when your hair hangs down
I’ll run my fingers up and down and all around
Running through the smoothness of your skin
Trouble is I can’t keep them from wandering


Smile and let’s combine our happy thoughts
You turn your cell phone and the TV off
I’m not taking any calls
Tonight all we answer are ringing hearts